Training and Consultation


Systems today are becoming more and more complicated.  Both sound and lighting systems have entered the digital age with a vengeance!   This allows for amazing possibilities but can include a steep learning curve.  Energy management is also a new feature of many systems — you can save thousands of dollars if you use your system properly!

Get the most out of your lighting or sound system investment with a thorough training session.  These sessions will help you realize the full potential of your system and can also save you time and money.

Sometimes new training sessions are required simply due to a changeover in personnel; sometimes proper training was never provided in the first place (we recommend videotaping for posterity!).  Whatever the reason, please contact us if you would like a quote on receiving training for your lighting or sound system.  Our technicians can customize training to fit your needs.


Knight Sound & Lighting can also provide consultation regarding your systems.  Do you need to combine old and new systems?  Integrate with BACnet or Building Automation?  Upgrade in phases to accommodate a budget?  Follow new energy management guidelines?  We are here to help!  Please contact us so that we may discuss the best way to meet your needs.

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