MicroLite Lighting Controls can be found on a large percentage of sports facilities, arenas, stadiums and ball parks throughout the country.  MicroLite was purchased over a decade ago by Musco Sports Lighting in order to combine the MicroLite relay control systems with Musco’s sports lighting fixtures and arrays.  Although Musco still supports some MicroLite parts and repairs, it has turned to other methods of control and the MicroLite system has been discontinued.

If you currently have a MicroLite system, there are several options to keep your lighting functional:  Buy parts, schedule service or retrofit to a newer system that works with the current MicroLite wiring and hardware.

  1. BUY MiroLite Parts.  Clients who are simply looking for parts can visit our e-commerce store at GoKnight.com to simply “click and purchase” a variety of MicroLite parts, including:
    1. ROM-AC Cards
    2. ROM-DC Cards
    3. SIM Cards
    4. NCM Cards:  NCM-1 DCNCM-2 DC  (both for 1000 panels; DC cards ONLY; no AC cards available)
    5. MicroLite Relays (MLR-020G) (new and used)
    6. MicroLite LCU and MicroLite IBL (used together)
    7. MicroLite Power Supply
    8. DCM-1000 power supply
    9. ML 600 Replacement Panel
    10. MicroLite TOM Card
    11. Breakers (GHBS1020D-refurbished)
    12. MicroLite 1000 Backplane Combo Module
    13. MicroLite 1000 H Backplane Combo (1/2 size)
    14. MicroLite Computer upgrade from Windows 95 to to Windows XP home
    15. MicroLite TouchPlate 3000 Relay (used).
    16. Please call us at 1-866-457-5937 if you are looking for a part you do NOT see here; we carry a large stock of gently-used MicroLite parts. [back to top]
  2. SERVICE your current system  Our experienced and professional technicians can work with you over the phone or through a site-visit to help diagnose problems and recommend or implement repairs. [back to top]
  3. RETROFIT your current system.  If you are ready to update, but are reeling at the cost of completely replacing your system, then you’ve come to the right place!  Knight Sound & Lighting is proud to partner with Intelligent Lighting Controls (ILC) in order to provide a technically-advanced, yet budget-friendly option.  A brand-new, state-of-the-art ILC LightLEEDer panel will “drop-in” to your existing MicroLite panel!  No need to change out wiring.  Please click HERE for more information on this exciting option for current MicroLite users. [back to top]