Leviton D4200 Control Station

The Leviton D4200 Control Station is a diverse control station for the control of dimming and relay systems that utilize Leviton’s LumaNet 3 Network.  The Leviton D4200 Control Station is capable of controlling up to 32 LumaNet Control Channels on “Zones.”  The Zones are then part of presets or scenes (same thing);  each zone is included in each preset at a level of between 0 and 100 percent (there is a exception, which is the excluding of zones from a preset.  Please ask if you have a question).

Leviton D4200

Leviton D4200 Control Station

The typical operation of the Leviton D4200 Control station is to program the zones at predetermined levels and record these levels into the scenes/presets.  When the operator of the Leviton D4200 Control Station wants a preset, he/she simply pushes a preset button and all of the zones go to their predetermined levels.  All of this can be programmed and/or re-programmed by the end-user at any time (no computer program is required).

Although the Leviton D4200 Control Station is limited to 32 zones, it is NOT limited to controlling 32 dimmers and/or relays.  Multiple dimmers and/or relays can be given the same LumaNet addresses, which will allow them to work together.

In addition, the Leviton D4200 can operate time schedules for the automatic turning on and off of the presets.

Another neat feature is the Sequencer, which allows for the playing back of presets/scenes in a sequence with a programmed time interval.  This means that an individual can turn on preset 1, wait 1 minute, then turn on preset 3, wait 2 minutes, and then keep going on from there in a total of 64 steps.

Typically, the Leviton D4200 Control Station is connected to a Leviton Dimmer Rack, such as the Leviton A2000 or I Series e Dimmer Racks, which have built in LumaNet 3 Network capability.  In addition, the Leviton D4200 Control Station can also be connected directly to Relay Panels, such as the Leviton Z-Max and Z-Max+ Relay Panels.

However, you do not need to worry, Leviton makes a converter that can take the Leviton D4200 Control Station to DMX (universal RS-485 control language), Ethernet, and several other options.

The Leviton D4200 is a great control station with a lot of options that work well in multiple lighting control applications, such as churches, meeting rooms, auditoriums, schools, and the like.

In addition, Leviton makes accessory control stations, which can access the Leviton D4200 Control Station as both wired and wireless control stations.  There is also an Audio Visual interface for RS-232 communication with the lighting control system from the AV Integrator.

Leviton D42-P8 Station

Leviton D42-P8 Wired Remote Station

Leviton D42-P1 Station

Leviton D42-P1 Wired Remote Station

Leviton D42-AV Station

Leviton D42-AV Interface

Leviton D42-IR Transmitter

Leviton D42-Wireless IR Transmitter

As a response to the smaller lighting loads currently occurring in the lighting world of LED’s and Compact Fluorescents, Leviton has created the Leviton D4206 and other units, which have built in dimmers on the control station.  This is perfect for the lighting system with smaller lighting loads.

Knight Sound & Lighting Inc specializes in the initial programming of the Leviton D4200 Control Stations.  In addition, we can fix the Leviton D4200 Control Stations.  Finally, we can provide training on the Leviton D4200 Control Stations.

If you need help with the Leviton D4200 Control Stations and/or any of the commercial lighting control products of Leviton, please contact Knight Sound & Lighting Inc at 866-457-5937 or email at info@knightsoundandlighting.com.  We are an authorized Leviton service agency.

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