Is there a way to backup the memory of a Colortran Viewpoint Control System? Yes-EEprom Memory Card!!

Do you have a Colortran Viewpoint Control System controlling your Colortran ENR Dimmer Rack Lighting System?  If you do, then your Colortran Viewpoint Control System is only as good as the battery (Lithium 3vdc), electricity, and/or a DOS Based Computer program for holding the progamming of your system.


The Colortran Viewpoint Control System can also be called the Leviton Viewpoint Control System and/or the NSI Viewpoint Control System.

What is the Colortran Viewpoint Control System?  The Colortran Viewpoint Control System is an architectural lighting control system, which can control the Colortran ENR Dimmer Rack, as well as many other Dimmer Racks.  The Viewpoint Control System can have input from Control Stations (LCD, LED, and Entry Stations), Time Schedules, and a Lighting Console through CMX (Colortran Multiplex) or DMX (Digital Multiplex).  Three separate input sources, which all merge together in a highest take precedence basis (HTP) to control the dimmers and/or relays in the lighting control system.

When the Viewpoint Control System was originally commissioned by a technician, the technician would have used a DOS based Computer (Windows 95 or 98) to program the Dimmer (quantity), Load Types (dimming, non-dim, and the such), Control Stations (types and quantities), Presets, Time Schedules, and additional items.  This information was then sent to the Expanded Viewpoint Control Module, which processes all of this information (think a small computer) and turns on and off the lights to the appropriate levels.

The Expanded Viewpoint Control Module would then hold the programming of the system in place as long as the electricity flowed to the control module.  If the electricity failed to the Expanded Viewpoint Control Module, then the Lithium Battery (3 Vdc) would then hold the programming in the system, until the electricity was restored to the system.

However, if the battery failed (below 3vdc) and the electricity went out, then the only way to get the programming back into the system was with the DOS based computer.  Although, we (Knight Sound & Lighting Inc) have several Windows 95/98 computers for this very purpose, most people do not.

Hence, we need a better way to restore the programming of the Expanded Viewpoint Control Module.  There is a better way!  We have the Colortran EEprom Memory Card, which is a very fast and convenient way to reload the programming of the Viewpoint Control System in less than 1 second!

Viewpoint EEprom Memory Card

The Colortran EEprom Memory Card is installed in the memory card slot and is “written” when everything is GOOD with the system.  This process takes about 5 minutes to write the configuration.  The EEprom Memory Card can then be removed and stored in a safe place (some people leave it in the Memory Card Slot).

When the system loses the programming of the Viewpoint Control System through power loss, battery failure, and/or corrupt configuration; simply install the EEprom Memory Card in the Memory Slot and press “Read” Card.  The memory is reloaded into the system within 1 second and you are up and running again.

An important note is that the EEprom memory card contains all of the information, but can only hold one (1) set of programming information.  If you want different presets for different occassions, you will need to have two (2) EEprom Memory Cards for the two different sets of presets.

The EEprom Memory Cards are very resilient and last for a very long time, because they are “burned” memory.  This is a very stable form of memory storage and works very well.

At this time, Knight Sound & Lighting Inc offers the Colortran EEprom Memory Cards on our website store at  In addition, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 866-457-5937 and/or via e-mail at

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