Fans Available for Colortran ENR Series and Leviton NSI Topaz Dimmer Racks

Do you have a Colortran ENR Dimmer Rack?  How about a Leviton Topaz?  Or even an NSI Topaz Dimmer Rack?  Did you know that all three of these Dimmer Racks are actually the same Dimmer Rack!  Yes, Colortan, NSI, and then Leviton all made the exact same Dimmer Rack, but called it different names.  In addition, Colortran could also be called Lee-Colortran and/or Panavision Colortran.

Any way you slice it, the Dimmer Racks are the same and all of them have a fan or fans that cool and maintain the airflow of the Dimmer Rack.  If the fan fails, the Dimmer Rack will not operate.  In addition, the larger Dimmer Racks (ENR 24 and ENR 96) have a “vein” switch in the fan, which monitors the speed at which the fan operates.  If the fan moves too slowly, the vein switch will not close and the Dimmer Rack will be disabled through the “airflow” indicator light (orange on the control module).

ENR 96 fan 1

Colortran (Topaz) ENR 96 Fan

Colortran ENR 24 Fan

Colortran (Topaz) ENR 24 Fan

Can you prolong the life of the fan(s) on the Dimmer Rack?  Yes, cleaning the Dimmer Rack on a regular basis will prolong the life of the fan(s) in the system.  In order to clean the Dimmer Rack, use a shop vacuum and vacuum all of the openings on the Dimmer Rack.  Do NOT remove the components of the system during this process.  A second step would be to use a tankless air compressor (tanked air compressor can condensate and produce moisture) and blow air over all of the openings and let the fan pull the dirt out of the system.  This process should be completed every 6 months or so.  This should not be a long process, think 10-30 minutes, but it will help a lot.

In regards to the fan(s) operation, there are no user-serviceable parts inside of the fans.  As such, please do NOT try to lubricate the fan(s), which will only cause more issues, rather than helping the situation.

The fan(s) on the Dimmer Rack run anytime the lights in the Dimmer Rack are running and then for a period of time after the lights shut off (typically 3 minutes).  In some cases, the fan(s) were setup with a phantom control station to run the fan 24 hours a day, no matter the state of the lights.  In this case, you will want to clean your system more often, based upon the increased airflow.

Typically, if you listen to the Dimmer Rack, you will hear the fan(s) bearings start to fail by a loud grinding sound.  If this occurs, you should be planning to replace the fan(s) on your Dimmer Rack.  Remember, the Dimmer Rack will NOT operate without the fan(s) on your Dimmer Rack operating successfully, so plan accordingly.

At this time, Knight Sound & Lighting Inc is producing replacement fan(s) for the Colortran ENR Dimmer Rack, NSI Topaz Dimmer Rack, and the Leviton Topaz Dimmer Rack (same fans for all).  The fan(s) are different for the three (3) sizes of Dimmer Rack 12, 24, and 96.  We have all three (3) available for purchase on our website store at

Typically, most facilities will purchase the Dimmer Rack fan(s) from us and then install the fan(s) on their own.  However, we do offer Field Service Visits where we will come to your facility and replace the fan(s) for you on your Dimmer Rack.  In addition, we will check other items on your system at the same time and will be able to make recommendations for any other repairs that might be needed.

A Dimmer Rack fan will typically run for between 10 and 20 years.  The length of the fans life is dependent upon the fans use (lights on) and the cleanliness of the Dimmer Rack.

For additional assistance on your Colortran ENR 12, ENR 24, ENR 96 or NSI Topaz 12, NSI Topaz 24, Topaz 96 or Leviton Topaz 12, Leviton Topaz 24, and Leviton Topaz 96; please contact our office at 1-866-457-5937 or through email at

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