Replacement computers available for Microlite LMS-XP and Microlite LMS-95 Relay Panel Systems

Do you have a Microlite 1000 Relay or Controllable Breaker Panel System?  If so, you probably have either Microlite LMS-XP (Lighting Management Software) or Microlite LMS-95 on an older Windows Computer.  The Microlite LMS-XP and LMS-95 are basically the same operating systems for the Microlite Relay Panel System, however, the Microlite LMS-XP is designed to operate on a Windows XP Computer and the LMS-95 is designed to operate on a Windows 95 or 98 Computer.

Microlite LMS 95&XP Cover Image

Now that we understand the basics of the Microlite LMS Operating Systems, we will discuss your options when your existing Microlite LMS-XP or LMS-95 Computer fails.  As you may know, the Windows 95, 98, and XP Operating Systems are no longer actively supported by Microsoft.  However, that does not mean that you must upgrade or retrofit your system;  there are options.

At this time, we are able to provide fully refurbished Windows XP Desktop Computers that will run the Microlite LMS-XP lighting control system.  We have this option listed on our website store (  In order to provide you with a fully operational system, we will need your database file from your existing Microlite LMS-XP Computer.  The database is the LMSXP.mdb file.  Hopefully, you made a backup of this file, before your existing Microlite LMS-XP computer failed.  If not, we can rebuild the database, but this does take some time and additional charges will apply.

What if you have a Microlite LMS-95 Computer running your Microlite system?  We can also handle that situation, but it does take some more effort and expense.  You will also be able to purchase the Microlite LMS-XP Computer from us.  Just like above, we will need a copy of your database, but this time it will be the LMS95.mdb file.  Again, hopefully you made a backup of this file.  Next, we will either have to convert the file to the LMSXP.mdb OR reprogram the database with the information provided in the database file.

Why do we have to reprogram the database, you might ask?  Some LMS95.mdb allow us to just change the name of the file and it will work with no reprogramming.  However, sometimes, we have to recreate the entire database.  There is no easy way for us to determine this action, without having the database.  If we have to reprogram the database, then we will charge you a per hour fee for the reprogramming of the database.  The cost of the reprogramming is determined by the size of the system.

Can we use a newer Windows operating system, such as Windows 7 or Windows 10?  No, at this time, we are not able to install the Microlite LMS-XP Lighting Control System on those Microsoft Operating Systems.  The Microlite Software has NOT received any attention from Microlite for several years and there are no plans to work on it at this time.  Microlite was acquired by another company several years ago and the new company does not sell and/or create any upgrades for the Microlite Relay Panel System.

Some Microlite LMS Lighting Control Systems have graphics that allow the end user to operate and monitor the relays in the system through a graphical interface on the computer.  If your existing Microlite LMS Computer has graphical screens, we can put those on the refurbished Microlite LMS-XP Computer, but we will need additional files from your existing Microlite LMS Computer.  We will review those files on an individual basis.

If you system is an older Microlite System, it could have an operating system called Microlite Proteus.  This type of operating system required a DOS based interface to the system and worked through either an RS232 or Modem connection.  In this case, you can also upgrade to a Microlite LMS-XP Computer, but this would require a site visit and the Microlite NCM (Network Control Modules) in each Relay Panel may need to be replaced to communicate with the new computer.  Please contact us for specific information on this process.

MicroLite Proteus Panel Label

Is there a way to upgrade the Microlite Relay Panel System without having to replace the entire system?  YES, we have developed a Microlite Retrofit System which allows the replacement of the Microlite components, but keeps the existing Microlite enclosures and the high voltage wiring in the same spot in the Microlite enclosures.  This allows the end user to replace the Microlite Relay Panel Inserts with a new Microlite Retrofit and have a completely new system with a minimal amount of electrical work.  An entire system can be retrofitted in a minimal amount of time and provide the end user with a vast array of new features.  The Microlite Retrofit System is capable of using up to Windows 10 operating systems at this time and will be able to work with newer Windows operating systems as they are released by Microsoft.  In order to find out more information about the Microlite Retrofit System, please visit our website at

ILC Retrofit Drop-In FB

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