Lighting Control through BACnet IP

When you think about lighting control you often don’t think about controlling the lights with BACnet or Building Automation Control Network, but you should!  When thinking about lighting control for a school, church, house, business, airport, hotel, or any other facility; don’t forget to think about BACnet lighting control.

What is BACnet IP Lighting Control?  BACnet stands for Building Automation Control.  BACnet is an open source protocol and is not owned by any person and/or company, instead it is revised by a committee of BACnet users that meet on an annual basis.  Anyone is allowed to use BACnet on their lighting system and no royalties are paid for its use.  More information can be found at

Most lighting control systems (commercial dimming and/or relay system) are capable of using BACnet for their control mechanism, in addition to their proprietary control system.  Why use BACnet instead of OR in addition to the proprietary control system on the lighting control system?  Most facilities already have BACnet capability in their HVAC, Security and other systems.  These are typically used by the most common manufacturers of these systems.  This means that a facility can have ONE (1) control system, BACnet, which can control ALL of the systems in their facility.

Depending upon the manufacturer of the lighting control system you can control and/or monitor most, if not all, of the attributes of the lighting control system through BACnet.  This can include, but not limited to the turning on, dimming, turning off of dimmers and/or relays.  In addition, you can monitor occupancy sensors, photocells, and control stations in the system.  This means that the HVAC system can actually use these items to control the HVAC system and save money by not using the HVAC when the space is unoccupied.

BACnet comes in many different forms, but the most common type is BACnet IP, which is BACnet that transfers its information through a standard TCP/IP communication network to the lighting control system.  Several manufacturers of lighting control systems offer this capability.

We have worked on hundreds of lighting control systems that have successfully integrated with a BACnet Control System through IP, MSTP, and/or Ethernet.  We can work with you to explain this process further and answer questions that you might have about BACnet control of lighting control systems.

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