Retrofit for the Microlite 1000R, 600R, 500R, 400R, 300R, 200R, and 100R is available!

Quick post today.

Did you know that Knight Sound & Lighting Inc has developed a retrofit that will replace the Microlite 1000R, 600R, 500R, 400R, 300R, 200R, and 100R Relay Panels.

The Retrofit System will fit into your existing Microlite enclosure, so that, you do not need to remove the Microlite enclosure, conduits, and/or wiring from the existing system.  Instead, the interior components simply remove from the existing Microlite Enclosure and are replaced with the Retrofit System.  This greatly reduces the cost and installation labor for installation at your site.

Depending upon the number of Microlite Relays in your system, the turn around time can be between 30 minutes and 2 hours for a single panel.  We had one Microlite Relay Panel end user that had the process down to less than 15 minutes (per panel) for several panels (they had eight (8) relays in each panel)!

We will have additional information and directions for installation available shortly, but you can find out more information at our website at:

We have used this system to successfully retrofit several Microlite Relay Panel systems.  The result is an advance control system that is actively produced and designed in the United States.

Please call us at 330-940-4078 for additional information.





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