The ETC Source 4 MINI – A lot of capability in a small package


Have you seen the new ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls – Source 4 Mini?

You say that you have not.  Well, now you can see a picture of the small, but mighty Source 4 Mini Lighting Fixture.  Yes, it is really that small, it fits in the palm of your hand.

You ask, where can I use such a lighting fixture.  Well, how about that art project in a studio, library, business, home, and/or just about anywhere.

Believe it or not, this unit can be used for a lot of different lighting applications AND it has all of the features of a traditional ETC Source 4 Lighting Fixture.  Yes, you get shutters, gel frame, gobo holder capability (gobo holder sold separately), and positional lens tube adjustment.

All of this powered by a small, power conscious MR16 light source.

The ETC Source 4 Mini can be used in a stand alone position or placed along the new ETC Smart Track for power.  The actual power source is 12v.

To find out more about this lighting fixture, please check out the following website link to ETC’s website:

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