Welcome to the year 2014-We are here to provide sales, support, and good cheer

Happy New Year!  2014 is here to stay!

My goal is to be much more active on the Knight Sound & Lighting Inc. blog posts.  We will see if that really happens or not.

As a test, I want to see how many people actually read this blog posts, because they can provide a lot of information and exciting new ideas for the sound and lighting industries.

What do we want from you, our loyal followers?  We want your input!

Please let us know what you want us to blog about on our website and we will try to provide that information for you.  Do you want information about new products, existing products, sound, lighting, rentals, production, and/or technology ideas?  Just to name a few.

Please send your ideas to me at mark@knightsoundandlighting.com or mark@goknight.com.  Please put in the subject line:  Ideas for the Knight Sound & Lighting blogs.

The first person who sends me an idea gets something from me.  I don’t know what you will get, but you will definitely get something.  If you are a customer you will get a credit to use on http://www.goknight.com, if your a friend – maybe a dinner, a family member – a huge hug!

Anyway, let’s see who actually reads these blogs!!!

Have a safe and Happy New Year in 2014!

Talk to all of you soon.

Mark A. Knight

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