Community Helps “Horses with Hope” Rescue

Our owner is a horse lover, so we just had to share this story! – Way to go Community Pro!

Community Helps “Horses with Hope” Rescue

Broadview Farms, near Hope, Maine, is the home of “Horses with Hope“, an organization whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses and match them with compatible homes.  In 2013, Horses with Hope completed a spacious new venue at Broadview Farms with an indoor riding arena, a viewing area, horse stalls and living quarters for staff and visitors. Designed and built by “Houses and Barns by John Libby”, the facility includes an audio system designed to recreate the sounds from a commercial venue, such as a riding tournament, and to play music and provide communication for horse training.

Community R-Series loudspeakers were chosen for the arena and Community D-Series ceiling loudspeakers for the viewing area, offices and other spaces.

The arena is open to the outside so they required loudspeakers that sounded good and could survive with the temperature and humidity extremes of Maine. An array for the arena was designed with four R-Series R1-94 loudspeakers equipped with 200-watt auto-transformers. A single R.5-99 with auto-transformer was used for down-fill.  For the viewing area, offices and other spaces, a 70-volt distributed system was installed using six pairs of Distributed Design D6 ceiling loudspeakers.


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