Wireless DMX Control For Apple Products!

Wireless DMX Control For Apple Products!

“What’s up” lighting world!?!   Looking for a new toy for your lighting system?

I’ve got something new for you and it is called CueServer

CueServer provides Wireless DMX Lighting Control via iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  It’s fast, easy to use and truly amazing.  I fumbled upon this a few months ago and completely love it.  The unit is priced right starting around $650.  Please check out the link above for all the specs and user guides. 

The CueServer processor works with two Apple Apps from iTunes called CuePad and Figment DMX. 

The CuePad app costs $9.99 and is awesome! You can create custom buttons or sliders to work with a cue (with fade times), presets, individual channels or groups.  This is great for schools that do not have great architectural systems but do have DMX control.  Basically, you can setup button scenes/lighting cues – for example: “Rehearsal,” “Movie,” “Speaker,” “Assembly,” etc…   You can also setup sliders to work House and Stage lighting.  This is great for keeping idle hands off the lighting console because the CueServer is its own lighting system. It does not record cues and other information into the console on-site; it runs completely separate from all other control.  (Note:  the Figment DMX app is required in conjunction with CuePad app; please see below for details.)

The other app is called Figment DMX and is FREE.  This app is what helps you record the cues, buttons, groups, presets etc….. It also has a live console display so it is like a real console at your fingertips.  What is also amazing about CueServer is that it has Dimmer Check!!!!  So now instead of buying an expensive RFU to do channel checks for focusing and re-lamping, CueServer has it all. I love this when I am on a job to troubleshoot lights. I setup my demo unit and can walk around troubleshooting dimmers, fixtures etc…. Again I love this product.  If you are interested or would like a demo please contact Knight Sound and Lighting.  We also specialize in making old AMX or CMX systems work with this as well.

Want to go Green?  Do people leave lights on all night with your DMX lighting system?  Well CueServer to the rescue again!  It includes timers to turn lighting on/off based on your programming.

This Wireless DMX control is an amazing and cost-effective way to work with your lighting systems remotely in many different applications. 

Thanks for listening. 

Ed Gurski

Knight Sound and Lighting
Toll Free- 866-457-5937

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