Schools and Churches running into problems converting to LED’s

This goes out to anyone thinking about changing out bulbs from a dimmable incandescent to an LED in a church, school, conference room etc…..

Please do some research first. Just because the LED is dimmable doesn’t mean it will work properly with your current dimming system.  A dimmer in a lighting system needs a certain amount of resistance and lots of LED bulbs do not make enough resistance.  In turn this will make your lights blink and not dim properly.  A lot of LED lights also cannot dim very low; they require some sort of cut off.  For example dimming systems can be programmed to turn off loads at a 20% level and will not dim lower than that.  Why is this?  Many LED loads cannot dim very low and will cause the LED to blink. Programming a dimming system to have a percentage threshold cutoff will prevent this.  The problem is older lighting systems do not have this option.

So before your church, school, or business starts changing the dimmable incandescent lights into LEDs please, please do some research.

We can help!  Knight Sound and Lighting can help determine if your current lighting system will be able to work with an LED you may be choosing.  It is not as simple as buying a new bulb and replacing.  We have been getting more and more calls with schools and churches changing the house lighting to LED’s and now the lights flicker or do not dim properly.  Do not let this happen to you.

Thank you for listening and have great day!

Ed Gurski
Knight Sound and Lighting

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